Parti-Coloured Cocker Spaniel Club


Bitches Mrs J Hill (Judena) Dogs Mrs L Parker (Weyhill)

Championship Show winners 2008

DCC & BIS Sh Ch Lindridge Ticket to Ride (right)
BCC & BOS Annilan Miss Isle


Black/Red/Golden, Black and Tan, Liver Puppy
1st Lochranza Raphael
2nd Keladity Kastillo

Black/Red/Golden, Black and Tan, Liver Junior
1st Annashon Mr Trick or Treat
2nd Claramand Code Red over Arrifana
3rd Stromboli Billie the Kidd at Rothmia
Res. Latest Issue at Rayol

Black/Red/Golden, Black and Tan, Liver Novice
1st Robraine Sulamani

Black/Red/Golden, Black and Tan, Liver Graduate
1st Lochdene Bravado at Kyrenia
2nd Annashon Mr Trick or Treat
3rd Cascadia I Chico at Beechtops
Res. Canyonn Classic Welcome JW
VHC. Rayol Dark Legend

Black, Black and Tan, Liver Special Open
1st Sh Ch Helenwood Innovation
2nd Sunzo Soft Show Shuffle

Red/Golden Special Open
1st Forestpine Class Act at Canyonn

AOC than Black/Red/Golden/Black and Tan/Liver Puppy
1st Bitcon Robin Hood
2nd. Judena Nightshade

AOC Junior
1st Classicway Cut Above
2nd Joaldy Batchelor Boy
3rd. Glenntree Let's Jive in Kalrizienne
Res. Castanea Top Hat N Tails

AOC Novice
1st Alisma Amilton
2nd Castanea Cockney rebel
3rd Winterstale Mr Cool
Res. Oramiss Skys the Limit

AOC Graduate
1st Candyke Glory Road JW
2nd Lapidary Rebel Rebel
3rd. Wilmerella Indianna Jones
Res. Kyna Gi Joe
VHC. Wizzmill Marbleblue among Ruphill JW Sh CM

AOC Special Open
1st Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Lindridge Ticket to Ride
2nd Sh Ch Lindridge Mooncatcher
3rd marquell Moving Glance at Pearkim
Res. Jacmist Parker

Any Colour

1st Sh Ch Judika Prarie Gold
2nd Candyke Tennessee Moon
3rd Sh Ch Spendles Spinner
Res. Winterstale Status Quo
VHC. Whisperwood Whizz Kid

Minor Puppy
1st Gilcar Sunny Days
2nd Kyrenia Myosotis Marcus
3rd Glasedin Gold Ptarmigan
Res. Alcyone Blue Topaz
VHC. Cassom Hey Jude

1st Claramand Masquerade for Jozelah
2nd Bitcon Shadow
3rd Zakova Silver Surfer at Everamoc
Res. Oramiss Skys the Limit
VHC. Sirrah Silver Sword

1st Marada Over the Moon
2nd Grovern Infidel
3rd Fonness Frivolini
Res. Helenwood Technote
VHC. Classicway Cut Above

1st Chavez Royal Liason JW
2nd Sharemead Squadron Leader
3rd Glenntree Zanette JW
Res. Jacomus Class Act
VHC. Annashon Mr Trick or Treat

1st Robraine Sulamani
2nd Quintavia Time Traveller
3rd Zakova Special Touch

1st Ellgars Enigma
2nd Marada Over the Moon
3rd Claramand Masquerade for Jozelah

1st Winterstale Motivator with Mossdew
2nd Classicway Cut Above
3rd Wingate Spinning Star over Springstein

Post Graduate
1st Olibond Peter Pan
2nd Candyke Don't Think Feel
3rd Claramand Morse Code to Arrifana JW
Res. Marada Amarillo at Hebdene
VHC. Cascadia I Chico at Beechtops

Special Beginners
1st Quintavia Star Stopper
2nd Jannors Last Samurai at Merryhaze
3rd Lapidary Revolution JW Sh CM
Res. Fowhutt Fieldmans Glory at Suelynda
VHC. Rayol Dark Legend

Minor Limit
1st Worlewood Aint No Sunshine
2nd Pendledell Salvatore JW Sh CM
3rd Notrella Jacobs Ladder
Res. Olibond Ottar at Charmwen

1st Lujesa Ecstasy JW
2nd Molkara Tamarillo
3rd Sharemead Squadron Leader
Res. Kyrenia Trademark
VHC. Zakova Blue Print for Ruphill Sh CM

1st Sh Ch Lindridge Star Quest
2nd Molkara Tamarillo
3rd Kyrenia Trademark
Res. Jannors Last Samurai at Merryhaze
VHC. Centre Point at Debcot


AOC than Black/Red/Golden/Black and Tan/Liver Puppy
1st Quntavia Stars in her Eyes
2nd Sharemead Mehmoona
3rd Manchela Love Story
Res. Helenwood Crystal Maze
VHC. Lindridge Carnival Queen

AOC Junior
1st Mossdew Deep Purple
2nd Jayzander Strands of Gold
3rd Kayess Aphrodite
Res. Treverothwey Astral Charm
VHC. Mossdew Blue heaven

AOC Novice
1st Mossdew Deep Purple
2nd Casrod Patience with Wensum
3rd Northquest Madam Butterfly
Res. Aqualin Betony
VHC. Mossdew Blue Heaven

AOC Graduate
1st Alisma Amelie JW
2nd Willowroan Dixiechick
3rd Meakwood Charisma
Res. Crowmere Merrydown
VHC. Nulea Royal Temptress

AOC Special Open
1st Annilan Miss Isle
2nd Jacomus Posh Frock
3rd Lindridge Ginger Rogers
Res. Broachdale Athena Blue JW
VHC. Wilmerella Waywind

Red/Golden/Black and Tan/Liver Puppy
1st Lujesa Delfina
2nd Canigou Tails She Wins
3rd Lujesa Piccolo D'Oro
Res. Keladity Treasure
VHC. Sarabar Lemony Flutter

Red/Golden/Black and Tan/Liver Junior
1st Glasedin Golden Delicious JW
2nd Helenwood Dazzlyn
3rd Wensum Billie Holiday
Res. Atherbron Full of Trouble
VHC. Secoran Melazey Miel.

Red/Golden/Black and Tan/Liver Novice
1st Zakova Tantalise
2nd Pendledell Vienna
3rd Claramand Cilla Black for Oramiss
Res. Totenkopf Maybellene at Snowgate
VHC. Jalankui Dutch Gold

Red/Golden/Black and Tan/Liver Graduate
1st Charbonnel Castanette JW
2nd Canyonn Classic Touch JW
3rd Zakova Joules
Res. Lochranza Specially Made for Trentsholme
VHC. Maljona Mistress Madrigal at Jalankui

Black/Black and Tan/Liver Special Open

Red/Golden Special Open
1st Helenwood Wiggle Dance
2nd Int/Fr/Lux/ Sh Ch Weeping Willows Vanille
3rd Jalankui Dutch Gold

Any Colour
1st Sh Ch Helenwood Irresistabelle
2nd Kyrenia Golden Times
3rd Craigleith Modern Millie at Princehill

Minor Puppy
1st Manchella Silver Strands
2nd Asquanne Generation Gap
3rd Glenntree Classic Dior
Res.Asquanne Go Likely at Beechtops
VHC. Towbray Hey Jude

1st Canigou Tail Me A Story
2nd Lujesa Delfina
3rd Bitcon Phoenix
Res Claramand Cilla Black for Oramiss
VHC. Sharemead Mahoona

1st Fonesse Finagael
2nd Donmyl Domenica at Sheigra
3rd Zakova Tantaliser
Res.Helenwood Dazzlyn
VHC. Whisperwood Crazy Chick

1st Asquanne Ginelle JW
2nd Lujesa Touch The Sky
3rd Dandyjan Chardonnay
Res Sulintay Sharapova
VHC. Trimtops Immokalee

1st Donmyl Domenica at Sheigra
2nd Northquest Madam Butterfly
3rd Lochranza Madame Cholet
Res. Sharemead Sugar Babe
VHC. Gemstone Lily

1st Donmyl Domenica at Sheigra
2nd Winterstale Lorna Doone
3rd Casrod patience with Wensum
Res. Northquest Madam Butterfly
VHC. Lochranza Madame Cholet

1st Chavez Razzmatazz
2nd Donmyl Domenica at Sheigra
3rd Lujesa Speciosa Sh CM
Res. Meakwood Charisma
VHC. Crowmere Merrydown

Post Graduate
1st Marada Glow of Elegance at Hebdene
2nd Classicway Cosalta Country Cousin
3rd Glowhill Catherine Wheel
Res. Wilmerella Wavedancer

Special Beginners
1st Zareepiott Shady Lady
2nd Lawnswae Ribbon
3rd Kastrian Captivation JW Sh CM
Res. Merryhaze martini
VHC. Charbonnel Sugar and Spice for Amaranth

Minor Limit
1st Glenntree Fleur De Le
2nd Merryhaze Martini
3rd Gardenstone Starlight JW

1st Castanea Sweet Surrender to Terriles
2nd Sheigra Sixties Song
3rd Charbonnel Sapphire and Lace at Millriver
Res. Pearkim Perpetiel
VHC. Charbonnel Pair Flair avec Amaranth

1st Sh Ch Lujesa Dolce Piselli JW
2nd Classicway Calendar Girl
3rd Fr Sh Ch Weeping Willows V' Amourette
Res. Wilmerella Wavedancer
VHC. Charbonnel Pair Flair avec Amaranth