Parti-Coloured Cocker Spaniel Club


Dogs Mrs L Robinson (Jozelah) - Bitches Mrs M Forfar (Glasedin)

Championship Show 2010

BCC & BIS Charbonnel Dream Design
DCC & BOS Cassom Hey Jude
BPIS Ryallcourt Carnival Maid
BMPIS Claramand Quickstep to Judika
BV Sh Ch Helenwood Irresistabelle


Black/Red/Golden, Black and Tan, Liver Puppy
1st Asquanne Guillamon
2nd Wensum Augustus
3rd Oramiss Foreign Affair
Res. Swanmarch first Overture for Olivesong

Black/Red/Golden, Black and Tan, Liver Junior
1st Coedcernwyn Campion

Black/Red/Golden, Black and Tan, Liver Novice
Perrytree Midnight Sky

Black/Red/Golden, Black and Tan, Liver Graduate
1st Coedcernwyn Campion
2nd Black Runner of Brimbeck
3rd Golden Tally Is The Man

Black, Black and Tan, Liver Special Open
1st Weirdene Winning Sweep
2nd Tankelda Roller Coaster

Red/Golden Special Open
1st Sh Ch Robraine Sulamani JW - RCC
2nd Sharemead Golden Syrup
3rd Claramand On Fire at Fendrove JW
Res. Lochdene Bravado at Kyrenia

AOC Puppy
1st Quintavia Stop and Stare

AOC Junior
1st Charbonnel Life 'N' Times

AOC Novice
1st Ryallcourt Tic Tac Toe
2nd Countrythorn Boskoop Blue
3rd Cutel Charleston Beau

AOC Graduate
1st Cassom Rock Star
2nd Helenwood Forest Scout at Perrytree

AOC Special Open
1st Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Lindridge Ticket to Ride
2nd Nulea over the Moon
3rd Lapidary Revolution JW Sh CM
Res. Craigdean Franks a Million at Luanshya

AOC than Black/Red/Golden/Black and Tan/Liver/Blue Roan
Special Open

1st Shenmore Sunny Jim
2nd Cardamine Rainbow Tyke at Brimbeck

Any Colour

1st Sh Ch Glowhill Scrumpy Jack
2nd Atherbron I'm Always Trouble JW Sh CM
3rd Marquell Moving Glance at Pearkim
Res. Nicibec Harvest Glow

Minor Puppy
1st Afterlife Encounter by Claramand
2nd Molkara Chrystal Knight at Brimbeck
3rd Asquanne Guillamon
Res. Judika New Moon

1st Quintavia Stop and Stare
2nd Kyrenia Paint a Picture
3rd Manacas Here Comes the Sun for Wilmerella
Res. Carmelfair Rock Deejay at Luanshya

1st Charbonnel Law 'N' Order
2nd Molkara Exige
3rdWensum Razorlight
Res. Carmelfair Rock Deejay at Luanshya

1st Craigdean Axle
2nd Manchela Born to be Wild
3rd Rothmia Hidden Agenda
Res. Hellandian Dancing Tiger

1st Penmartan Anecdote
2nd Countrythorn Boskoop Blue

1st Countrythorn Boskoop Blue

1st Canigou Rock Star
2nd Coedcernwyn Campion
3rd Shirlannor Suited and Booted
Res. Kayess Cupid

Post Graduate
1st Sunzo Stomp
2nd Kyrenia Myosotis Mark
3rd Caron Custard Cream for Mollyfleck
Res. Travellers Joy of Malpas

The Leslie Page Memorial Special Beginners Stakes
1st Charbonnel Law 'N' Order
2nd Rothmia Hidden Agenda
3rd Nicibec Harvest Glow
Res. Swanmarch I'll Be There

1st Cassom Hey Jude - DCC
2nd Annilan Mister Ral
3rd Lapidary Rebel Rebel
Res. Claramand Chico Time

1st Canyon Classic Welcome JW



AOC Puppy
1st Ryallcourt Carnival Maid
2nd Pearkim Party Girl
3rd Ashalon Feeling Foxy
Res. Chativore Clarice

AOC Junior
1st Meakwood Finesse
2nd Nulea Kiss me Kate
3rd Penmartan Anagram

AOC Novice
1st Meakwood Finesse

AOC Graduate
1st Pearkim Peripeteia

AOC Special Open
1st Manacas Laid out in Lavender at Wilmerella
2nd Helenwood Chrystal Maze
3rd Sandlauga Enchantment

AOC than Black/Red/Golden/Black and Tan/Liver/Blue Roan

Black/Red/Golden/Black and Tan/Liver Puppy
1st Canigou Secon Tan Rose
2nd Claramand Quickstep to Judika
3rd Lujesa See the Stars
Res. Helenwood Red Willow

Black/Red/Golden/Black and Tan/Liver Junior
1st Coedcernwyn Cameo JW
2nd Pendledell Design in Black

Black/Red/Golden/Black and Tan/Liver Novice
No entries

Black/Red/Golden/Black and Tan/Liver Graduate
1st Lujesa Dolce Fiore for Keladity JW
2nd Jimmison Jingarella
3rd Sheigra swing on a Star JW
Res. Sarabar Potty Dotty

Black/Black and Tan/Liver Special Open
1st Charbonnel Dream Design JW - BCC
2nd Asquanne Germaine
3rd Sh Ch Asquanne Ginelle JW
Res. Claramand Cilla Black for Oramiss

Red/Golden Special Open
1st Helenwood Wiggle Dance
2nd Kerriglow Ruby Slippers to Sandlauga

Any Colour

1st Sh Ch Helenwood Irresistabelle
2nd Alisma Arrina
3rd Charbonnel Sugar 'N' Spice for Amaranth

Minor Puppy
1st Totenkopf Astu Tsisgi for Molkara
2nd Lujesa Total Eclipse
3rd Royaldean Paparazzi
Res. Alisma Aquamarine

1st Olibond Upsy Daisy
2nd Canigou Love on the Rocks
3rd Sharemead Pipistrelle
Res Staplehill Scented Flower

1st Wensum Girls Aloud
2nd Cachel Miss Independence
3rd Sarabar Sonny's Delight
Res. Everamoc All Sugar 'N' Spice

1st Craigdean Emakokr
2nd Sh Ch Canigou Rock Chick
3rd Kyrenia Myosotis Millicent
Res Marada Elegant Wispa to Hebdene

1st Pearkim Party Girl
2nd Joydon Jetta Star to Springstein
3rd Kimzarre Jeanie in a Bottle

1st Charbonnel Thelma 'N' Louise at Meakwood

1st Pearkim Peripeteia
2nd Quintavia Rock N Rose
3rd Quintavia Sugar Palm at Sayajrao

Post Graduate
1st Canyonn Classic Touch JW
2nd Donmyl Dominica at Sheigra JW
3rd Brynceri Soul Deva
Res. Sunzo Soprano

The Leslie Page Memorial Special Beginners Stakes
1st Lujesa Casellina at Chimewood
2nd Lawnswae Ribbon
3rd Everamoc all Sugar 'N' Spice
Res. Kaniboo Sheeza Dreamer

1st Lindridge Carnival Queen
2nd Asquanne Generation Gap
3rd Manchela Freisa JW
Res. Charbonnel Hide 'N'Chic with Cachel

1st Sh Ch Lujesa Touch the Sky JW - RCC
2nd Helenwood Dazzlyn
3rd Northquest Madam Butterfly
Res. Sheigra Sixties Song JW