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The Midland Cocker Spaniel Club was granted Championship status in 1947. Challenge Certificates were awarded every year until 1998, and from then on,
every other year.

Judges    Dogs, Mr. J. Thaw.   Bitches, Mr. A. R. Denison.
DCC: Gold's  Ch Oxshott Marxedes.
BCC: Lloyd's Ch Tracey Witch of Ware.

Judges   Dogs, Mr. W. Shingler.   Bitches, Mr. W.S. Hunt.
DCC:  Lloyd's Sh Ch Falconers Mark of Ware.
BCC: Braddons' Ch Rodwood Lass of Sandover.

Judges   Dogs, Mrs. N. Basnett-Broughall.   Bitches, Mrs. G. Broadley.
DCC: Gold's Ch Oxshott Marxedes
RDCC: Braddons' Ch Valstar Glow of Ide
BCC: Page's Sh Ch Dellah Pin-Up Girl
RBCC: Holmes' Silver Linda of Wem

Judges   Dogs, Mr. R. W. Paton.   Bitches, Mrs. K. J. Gold
DCC: Braddons' Ch Valstar Glow of Ide.
RDCC: Doxford's Sh Ch Broomleaf Bonny Lad of Shillwater.
BCC: Pages' Sh Ch Dellah Pin-Up Girl.
RBCC: Doxford's Broomleaf Primula of Kenavon.

Judges   Dogs, Mr. W. Macdonald Daly.   Bitches, Mrs. D. Robertson.
DCC: Gold's Ch Oxshott Marxedes.
DCC: Lloyd's Sh Ch Falconers Mark of Ware.
BCC: Lloyd's Ch Tracey Witch of Ware.
RBCC: Oakley's Harroway Sunflare.

Judges   Dogs, Mr. H.H. Hore.   Bitches, Mrs. S.M. Cluckie.
DCC: Braddon's Ch Domino of Ide.
RDCC: Gold's Ch Oxshott Marxedes.
BCC: Doxford's Sh.Ch Broomleaf Ballet Shoes.
RBCC: Bailey's Friesland Thistle.

Judges   Dogs, Mr. J.C. Stone.   Bitches, Mrs. J. de Casembroot.
DCC: Braddon's Ch Domino of Ide
RDCC: Lucas-Lucas' Sh Ch Sixshot Stormbird
BCC: Macmillan's Sh Ch Lochranza Eldwythe Enchanter
RBCC: Moaby & Stevenson's  Lavender of Charmace

Judges   Dogs, Mrs. K. Doxford.   Bitches, Mr. H.S. Lloyd
DCC: Ferguson's  Sh Ch Springbank Silver Flame.
RDCC: Robertson's  Nostrebor Riverbank Rogue.
*BCC: Clarke's Cornbow Myosotis.
RBCC: Lucas-Lucas' Sh Ch Sixshot Sugar Bird.

Judges   Dogs, Lady Helen Berry.   Bitches,  Mr. J. Thaw
DCC: Collin's Colinwood Black Sombrero.
RDCC: Brooks'  Sh Ch Bartonblount Double Six
BCC: Robinson's Goldenfields Merry Maiden.
RBCC: Braddon's Lady Caradon of Ide.

Judges   Dogs, Miss. D.M. Hahn.   Bitches, Mr. J.H. Braddon
DCC: Macmillan's Lochranza Eldwythe Exceed.
RDCC: Collins' ' Colinwood Silver Lariot
BCC: Cheriton's Starlight of Ricmour
RBCC: Moaby & Stevenson's Sh Ch Lavender of Charmace.

Judges   Dogs, Mr. B. Thomas.   Bitches, Mr. A.B. Nicholson.
DCC: Collins' ' Collinwood Outrider
RDCC: Auld's  Sh Ch Colinwood Cobbler
BCC: Auld's  Sh Ch Weirdene Learig  Annitra
RBCC: Doxford's Sh Ch Broomleaf Camellia of Dorswick.

Judges   Dogs, Mrs. E. Coulton.   Bitches, Mr. G.H. Dance
DCC: Page's Sh Ch Dellah Merrymaker of Wykey
RDCC: Lucas-Lucas' Sh Ch Sixshot Storm Bird
BCC: Lloyd's Sh Ch Silver Cloud of Ormeau of Ware.
RBCC: Garnett's Mopsy Bun of Quatford

Judges   Dogs, Mrs. D. Kershaw.   Bitches, Mr. A.W. Collins' .
DCC: Auld's Sh Ch Colinwood Cobbler.
RDCC: Page's Sh Ch Dellah Merrymaker of Wykey.
BCC: Weir's Ch Wake Early of  Weirdene
RBCC: Mansfield's Ch Lucklena Musical Maid.

Judges   Dogs, Mrs V. Lucas-Lucas.   Bitches, Mr. R. Weir
DCC: Auld's Sh Ch Colinwood Cobbler.
RDCC: Harrisons Sh Ch Tideway Cabin Boy of Eastlands.
BCC: Auld's Sh Ch Black Jade of Lochnell.
RBCC: Birch's Sh Ch Tangee of Tolstem.

Judges   Dogs, Mr. J. Owen.   Bitches, Mrs. J. Chadwick.
DCC: Collins' ' Sh Ch Colinwood Cheyenne.
RDCC: Auld's Colinwood Blue Duster.
BCC: Hahn's Sh Ch Atway My Love of Misbourne.
RBCC: Macmillan's Sh Ch Lochranza Floral Dancer.

Judges   Dogs, Mrs. P. Price.   Bitches, Mrs. S. G. Jones.
DCC: Macmillan's Sh Ch Lochranza Merryleaf Eigar.
RDCC: Collins' '  Colinwood War Dance.
*BCC: Doxford's Sh Ch Bouffante of Broomleaf.
RBCC: Collins' ' Colinwood Bunting.

Judges   Dogs, Mrs. G. Broadley.   Bitches, Mr. J.C. Stone.
*DCC: Macmillan's Sh Ch Lochranza Merryleaf Eigar.
RDCC: Weir's Sh Ch Wells Fargo of Weirdene.
BCC: Robinson's Ch Craigleith Cinderella.
RBCC: Collins' ' Sh Ch Colinwood Bunting.

Judges   Dogs, Mr. S. Price.   Bitches, Miss. P. Neilson
*DCC: Auld's Sh Ch Glencora Black Ace.
RDCC: Macmillan's Sh Ch Lochranza Hightrees Red Admiral.
BCC: Wise's Sh Ch Astrawin Aphrodite.
RBCC: Doxford's Brioche of Broomleaf.

Judges   Dogs, Miss. B. Mingay.   Bitches, Mrs. K.J. Gold.
*DCC: Jones's Sh Ch Courtdale Flag Lieutenant.
RDCC: Weir's Sh Ch Weirdene Questing Strathspey.
BCC: Blake's Sh Ch Cochise Circe.
RBCC: Hubbard's Donvale Dawn.

Judges   Dogs, Mrs. R. Garnett.   Bitches, Miss. D. Robinson.
*DCC: Collins' Sh. Ch Colinwood Jackdaw of Lochnell.
RDCC: Cameron's Sh Ch Val of Lochnell.
BCC: Wise's Sh Ch Astrawin Amusing.
RBCC: Robinson's Sh Ch Craigleith Maggie May.

Judges   Dogs, Mr. L. McCormack.   Bitches, Mr. J. Auld.
*DCC: Collins'  Sh Ch Colinwood Jackdaw of Lochnell
RDCC:  Macmillan's Sh Ch Lochranza Quettadene Marksman
BCC: Doxford's  Broomleaf Thulemoor Tulip.
RBCC: Weir's Weather Gay of Weirdene

Judges   Dogs, Mrs. M. Grigson.   Bitches, Miss. J. Macmillan.
DCC:  France's Sh Ch Peelers Public Order
RDCC: Mansfield'sCh Lucklena Blue Music
*BCC: France's Ch Peelers Cornbow Myth.
RBCC: Phelps' Struparke Pheasant of Copsewood

Judges   Dogs, Mrs. E Ridout.   Bitches, Mr. J. Griffiths.
*DCC: Macmillan's Sh Ch Lochranza Strollaway
RDCC: Mansfield'sCh Ch Lucklena Blue Music
BCC: Doxford's Sh Ch Broomleaf Blithe Spirit
RBCC: Weir's Sh Ch Wedgewood of Weirdene

Judges   Dogs, Mrs. P. Masters.   Bitches, Mr. W. Robertson.
*DCC: Dunn's Sh Ch The Mataroa of Merrybray
RDCC: Wise's Sh Ch Astrawin Authentic
BCC: Neilson's Sh Ch Noslien Never Naughty
RBCC: Macmillan's Sh Ch Lochranza Peelers Legal Love

Judges   Dogs, Mr. D.L. Page.   Bitches, Mrs. M. Thompson.
DCC: Bryden's Sh Ch Scotswood Warlord.
RDCC: Macmillan's Lochranza Goldenfields Poacher.
BCC: Macmillan's Lochranza Gypsy Melody.
RBCC: Wilson's Rosecourt Reverie.

Judges   Dogs, Mr. K. McFarlane.   Bitches, Mr. R. Bebb
DCC: Oulton's Sorbrook Playboy
RDCC: Auld's Glencora Moonraker
BCC: Brown's Scolys Spinning Water of Digbrow
RBCC: Walker's Marita Scolys Seasong 

Judges   Dogs, Mrs. G. Broadley.   Bitches, Mr. J. Braddon.
DCC: Mansfield'sLight Music of Lucklena
RDCC: Macmillan's Sh Ch Lochranza Newsprint
*BCC: Williams' Sh Ch Bournehouse Starshine.
RBCC: Mitchell's Allenbridge Sundance.

Judges   Dogs, Mrs. A.L. Cloke.   Bitches, Mrs. J. de Casembroot.
*DCC: Doxford's Sh Ch Bronze Knight of Broomleaf.
RDCC: Macmillan's Sh Ch Lochranza Newsprint
BCC: Blake's Cochise Czoloushka.
RBCC: Trotmans Kavora Calamity Jane.

Judges   Dogs, Mr. J.P. Cudworth.   Bitches, Mr. J. Ewart.
*DCC: Macmillan's Sh Ch Newsreader of Lochranza.
RDCC: Darby's Stargazer of Quatford.
BCC: Williams' Ch Bournehouse Starshine.
RBCC: Darby's Quatford Honey Bee of Classicway.

* Denotes Best of Breed where known.

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