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Midland Cocker Ch Show 1976
Judges.   Dogs, Mr. J. Clarke.   Bitches, Mrs. J.G. Smith.
*DCC: Baldwin's Sh Ch Normanview Thundercloud.
RDCC: Marris-Bray's Sh Ch Helenwood Checkmate.
BCC: Fosbrook's Bryansbrook Ebony Bloom
RBCC: Williams' Ch Bournehouse Starshine

Midland Cocker Ch Show 1977

Judges   Dogs, Mrs. O. Norfolk.   Bitches, Mrs. J. Caddy
DCC: Darby's Sh Ch Kenavon Envoy
RDCC: Clarke's Cornbow Nightowl
*BCC: Fosbrook's Bryansbrook Butterkiss
RBCC: Trotman's Kavora Jenny Wren.

Midland Cocker Ch Show 1978
Judges   Dogs, Mrs. J. Anderson.   Bitches, Mr. D. Worrall
*DCC: Doxford's Broomleaf Bright Memory
RDCC: Iveson's Sunkirk Superstar of Tarling
BCC: Stevens' Sh Ch Raneyl Late Summer of Leabank
RBCC: Richardson's Scolys Strange Love.

Midland Cocker Ch Show 1979
Judges   Dogs, Mrs. J. Marris Bray.   Bitches, Mrs K. Doxford.
*DCC: Macmillan & Gillespie's Sh Ch Lochranza Man of Fashion.
RDCC: Francis' Sonic Seamark.
BCC: Barney's Styvechale Shine On of Cilleine
RBCC: Woolf's Colinwood Witchcraft

Midland Cocker Ch Show 1980
Judges   Dogs, Miss. P. Trotman.   Bitches, Miss. M. Annetts
*DCC: Doxford's Sh Ch Broomleaf Barley Brew.
RDCC: Macmillan & Gillespie's Lochranza Black Onyx.
BCC: Barney's Cilleine Athene
RBCC: Becker's Kavora Nightstar of Olanza

Midland Cocker Ch Show 1981
Judges   Dogs, Miss. P. Neilson.   Bitches, Mr. M. Armstrong.
DCC: Mansfield's Lucklena Minstrel
RDCC: Smith's Sorbrook Bramble Berry
*BCC: Lester's Quettadene Black Jade
RBCC: Marris-Bray's Helenwood Capelle.

Midland Cocker Club Ch Show 1982
Judges   Dogs, Mrs. K. Holmes.   Bitches, Mr. H. Jones.
*DCC: Barney's Sh Ch Cilleine Echelon
Res. C.C. Marris-Bray's Helenwood Haymaker.
BCC: Clarke's Sh Ch Roanwood Ripple
RBCC: Parkin's Sh Ch Mistfall Mood Indigo.

Midland Cocker Club Ch Show 1983
Judges   Dogs, Mr. J. Braddon,   Bitches, Mrs. G. Broadley
*DCC: Barney's Sh Ch Cilleine Echelon.
RDCC: Sadler's Rosaday Super Trooper.
BCC: Blake's Sh Ch Cochise Csakira
RBCC: Young's Canyonn Christa

Midland Cocker Ch Show 1984
Judges   Dogs, Miss. G. Williams .   Bitches, Mr. A. Woodhouse.
*DCC: Curran & Hulme's Cynacre Gemini
RDCC: Robertson's Westdyke Without Doubt
BCC: Parkin's Mistfall Mandalay
RBCC: Reid's Shanaz Short 'n' Sweet.

Midland Cocker Ch Show 1985
Judges   Dogs, Mr. A. Moody.   Bitches. Mr. W. Robertson.
*DCC: Lester's Sh Ch Quettadene Emblem
RDCC: Jones' Sh. Matterhorn Montana.
BCC: Jones' Squiresbrook Electra.
RBCC: Knight's Lady Lily of Copynook

Midland Cocker Club Ch Show 1986

Judges   Dogs, Mrs. P. Grayson.   Bitches, Mrs. A. Webster.
*DCC: Darby's Classicway Concorde
RDCC: Lester's Quettadene Emblem
BCC: Rees' Teifi Black Sparkle
RBCC: Walker's Okell Ovation

Midland Cocker Ch Show 1987
Judges   Dogs, Mr. R. Clarke.   Bitches, Mr. T. Borman.
*DCC: Buttrick & Taylor's Cleavehill Pot of Gold.
RDCC: Bentley's Sh Ch Canigou Mr. Happy
BCC: Webster's Asquannes Ghia
BRCC: Walker's Okell Ovation.

Midland Cocker Ch Show 1988
Judges   Dogs, Mrs. D. Darby.   Bitches, Miss. F. Hamilton.
DCC: Marris-Bray's Helenwood Ivanoshon.
RDCC: Hackett's Lindridge Venture
*BCC: Lester's Quettadene Harmony
BCC: Young's Canyonn Casablanca.

Midland Cocker Ch Show 1989
Judges   Dogs, Mrs. S. Young.   Bitches, Mr. D. Worrall.
*DCC: Hyslop's Sofus Intervention
RDCC: Marris-Bray's Helenwood Horizon
BCC: Hoskins' Hanley Georgia Brown
RBCC: Jones' Dialynne Dawn Chorus at Matterhorn

DCC Ch Show 1990  BCC Ch Show 1990
Judges   Dogs, Miss. J. Walker.   Bitch Judge, Mrs. P. Lester
*DCC: Bowkis' Bowiskey Boy Blue (left photo)
RDCC: Rowland's Perrytree The Dreamer
BCC: Hackett's Sh Ch Lindridge Vanity Fair (right photo)
RBCC: Harkus' Salora Fine Scruples

Midland Cocker Ch Show 1991
Judges   Dogs, Mrs. M. Allard.   Bitches, Mr. D. Telford.
*DCC: Moore's Sprogmore Satchmo
RDCC: Jones' Matterhorn Montage
BCC: Tinley's Angmor Minuet
RBCC: Moore's Sprogmore Sue Ellen.

Midland Cocker Ch Show 1992
BCC & RCC winner 1992

DCC Ch Show 1992
DCC winner 1992

Judges   Dogs, Mr. J. Cahill.   Bitches, Miss. C. John.
*DCC: Jones' Matterhorn Montage
RDCC: Barney's Cilleine Eulogy
BCC: Wood's Sh Ch Marada Elegant Elouise
RBCC: Armstrong's Bitcon Moonlight Memories.

Midland Cocker Ch Show 1993
Judges   Dogs, Mrs. P. Masters.   Bitches, Mr. D.L. Page.
DCC: Masters' Jinesska Golden Prospect for Manchela
RDCC: Bentley's Sh Ch Canigou Patent Applied For
*BCC: Lester's Sh Ch Quettadene Mystique
RBCC: Webster's Asquannes Giorgio.

Midland Cocker Ch Show 1994
BCC & RCC winner 1994

Midland Cocker Ch Show DCC winner 1994
DCC & RCC winner 1994

Judges   Dogs, Mr A.E. Simpson.   Bitches,   Mrs. J. Parkin.
DCC: Lester's Quettadene Discretion
RDCC: Spencer's Terriles Taguchi.
*BCC: Lester's Sh Ch Quettadene Mystique
BCC: Young's   Sh Ch Canyonn Celeste.

Midland Cocker Ch Show 1995
Judges   Dogs, Mr. R. Richardson.   Bitches, Mr. D. Shields.
DCC: Fleming's Palacecraig Idle Chat.
RDCC: Webster's Asquannes Glenfiddich
*BCC: Jones & Simmonds' Shenmore Seeing Stars
RBCC: Wyatt's Kendalwood Kinlacey.

Midland Cocker Ch Show 1996
Judges   Dogs, Mrs A. Moore.   Bitches, Mr. R. Wyatt.
*DCC: Lester's Quettadene Keeping Faith
RDCC: Hackett's Sh Ch Lindridge Top Gun
BCC: Critchley's Whipspan Crystal Blue
RBCC: Lester's Quettadene By Chance.

* Denotes Best of Breed where known.

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