Parti-Coloured Cocker Spaniel Club


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All photos © Ian Scott unless otherwise stated. All right reserved.

Midland Cocker Club Ch Show 1997
Judges   Dogs, Mrs. B. Critchley.   Bitches, Mr. T. Dalmedo.
DCC: Spencer's Terriles Taguchi
DRCC:  Hackett's Sh Ch Lindridge Top Gun.
*BCC: Moore's  Sh Ch Sprogmore Siren
BRCC:  Bentley's Canigou What a Picture

Midland Cocker Ch Show 1998
Judges   Dogs, Mrs. E. Thomas.   Bitches, Mrs. C. Muirhead
DCC: Ward's Wensum Top Spin
RDCC: Whitehead's Ryallcourt Pie in the Sky.
*BCC: Bentley's Canigou What a Picture
RBCC: Kettle's Lujesa Leonessa

Midland Cocker Ch Show 2000
Judges   Dogs, Mr. G. Williams' .   Bitches, Mr. E. Darby.
DCC: Young's Sh Ch Canyonn Classic Gold.
RDCC: Mitchell's Glowhill Rob Roy
*BCC: Marris-Bray's Helenwood Santas Baybee
RBCC: Ward's Sh Ch Wensum January Jane.

Midland Cocker Ch Show 2002
Judges   Dogs, Mrs. W. Reid.   Bitches, Mr. I. Scott
DCC: West's Sheigra Special Vintage
RDCC: Knowles' Rushmi Music Maker
*BCC: Marris-Bray's Sh Ch Helenwood Santas Baybee
RBCC: Bentley's Bromfield Golden Expression

Midland Cocker Club Ch Show 2004
Judges   Dogs, Mrs. J. Glennerster.   Bitches, Mrs. S. Pudney
*DCC: Mitchell's Glowhill Pistol Pete
RDCC: Harman's Asquannes Granite to Ellgars
BCC: Jones & Simmonds' Shenmore Sunflower
RBCC: Boswell's Marquell Miss Marple

Midland Cocker Ch Show 2006
Judges   Dogs, Mr. A. Jones.   Bitches, Mr. M. Boswell.
DCC: Harman's Sh Ch Asquannes Granite to Ellgars.
RDCC: Hackett's Lindridge Moon Catcher.
*BCC: Webster's Sh Ch Asquannes Gizane
RBCC: Gain's Molkara Elise

Midland Cocker Club Ch Show 2008
Judges   Dogs, Mrs. L. Parker.   Bitches, Mrs. J. Hill.
*DCC: Wildman & Fowles' Sh Ch Lindridge Ticket to Ride.
RDCC: Hackett's  Sh Ch Lindridge Star Quest
BCC: Whitings Annilan Miss Isle
RBCC: Spencer's Castanea Sweet Surrender to Terriles

Midland Cocker Ch Show 2010
Judges   Dogs, Mrs. L. Robinson.   Bitches Mrs. M. Forfar.
DCC: Amos- Jones' Cassom Hey Jude
RDCC: Palmer's Sh Ch Robraine Sulamani
*BCC: Platt's Charbonnel Dream Design
RBCC: Kettle's Sh Ch Lujesa Touch the Sky.

Midland Cocker Ch Show 2012
photo © Jimmy Wyatt
Judges   Dogs, Mrs. C. West.   Bitches, Mrs. C. Mason
DCC: Reid's Sh Ch Shanaz Sporran
RDCC: Share-Jones' Sharemead Golden Syrup
*BCC: Ellison's Sh Ch Canigou Storytime at Withiflor
RBCC: Marris-Bray's Sh Ch Helenwood Crystal Maze.


* Denotes Best of Breed where known.